Office Policies


Cancellation/ Late Arrivals

Once an appointment is scheduled, you will be expected to attend that appointment unless 24 hour advance notice of cancellation is provided to the office. It is important to keep your child's regularly scheduled appointment to ensure the best care for your child. If you arrive late to your appointment, the appointment must still end as it was scheduled and you will still be responsible for the full cost of the appointment. This allows us to see each patient when they are scheduled and allow each family the full amount of time which is allotted for them.The Nurse Practitioner reserves the right to reschedule any late arrivals as clinical needs warrant. Refills of medication will be issued upon the decision of the Nurse Practitioner.


Patients and their families are under no obligation to continue services should they decide to terminate at any time. However, we strongly encourage you to notify us in person so that it can be discussed openly. In addition, a termination warning letter may be sent after two occurrences of a missed appointment and a termination letter will be sent to you with three occurrences of missed appointments.


The laws and standards for our profession require that mental health professionals keep Protected Health Information in your record. Except in unusual circumstances that involve danger to yourself and/or others, or in situations where the record makes reference to another person (unless such other person is a health care provider) and the mental health professional believes that access is reasonably likely to cause substantial harm to such other person, you may examine and/or receive a copy of your clinical record, if you request it in writing. Because it is a professional record, it can be misinterpreted and/or upsetting to untrained readers. For this reason, the mental health professional recommends that you initially review them in their presence or have them forwarded to another mental health professional so you can discuss the contents.  

In compliance with A.R.S. 1401(27)(rr), "three weeks is a reasonable amount of time (to provide the record) unless there are extenuating circumstances". There is a $40.00 fee for the provision of medical records which must be paid in advance. 


The office does not conduct evaluations for Social Security requests or for Vocational Rehabilitation services. If one of our current patients becomes disabled, we will provide records for Social Security but we reserve the right to charge a fee for this service. If one of our current patients who is already receiving some type of disability payment needs a yearly update, we will complete the paperwork but reserve the right to charge for this service. In most circumstances, we will complete FMLA paperwork for the parents of our patients if they need assurance of protection for their job situation without a charge for this service. If it is appropriate and warranted, we will provide documentation to the school regarding your child's diagnosis and your child's right to services within the school setting without a charge. Because Liz prefers to devote her time to the clinical needs of her patients, we reserve the right to charge a fee for excessive amounts of paperwork or lost documentation. If you are interested in IQ testing or other types of specialized testing , we recommend that you contact your insurance company for names of psychologists and neuropsychologists who participate with your insurance plan.


Our office is not able to conduct any portion of a dedicated appointment time through telephone contact. While we understand that making it to the office for the designated appointment time may present some difficulties at times, we are not able to contact any responsible party or parent or guardian via telephone. With 24 hour advance notice, the appointment may be rescheduled to a different time without incurring any fees. Without 24 hour notice, 

a rescheduling fee of $75.00 will apply. 


Please note that the Nurse Practitioner is not able to appear in court or prepare any reports for the courts. She does not get involved in any custody disputes and will not testify or prepare any documents related to custody or other legal matters for parents.  Copies of evaluations or progress notes will not  be released without a judge's order.